The project "Marble Metaphysics " is highly educational in nature and aims to attract a wider audience to reflect on the destiny of Man and mankind on the path of evolution, the necessity of creating a new system of human values taking into account the achievements and discoveries of science, to strengthen individual self-esteem and responsibility to the future of humankind, transforming the viewer into a participant in the creative process of finding harmony between tradition and modernity. The process of dissolution, erosion, erasing clear yardsticks, benchmarks and traditional values has been the distinctive feature hallmark of our time and being in the midst of this process of oblivion, a thinking person aims to determine what valuable, vital ideas he'll take on a trip to a yet undiscovered continent of a new, upcoming era.

The author of the project finds it important to remind himself and potential viewers of the philosophical ideas on which European civilization arose and developed, and to try to give these ideas a modern sound through imagery, combining meaning and image into a single whole. The sculptor invites the viewer to comprehend the choice of key ideas that meet the challenges of evolution and determine the meaning of human existence. Ideas, without which humanity cannot do in the future.

The project "Marble Metaphysics" started in 2010 with the personal exhibition of Sergey Khorikov "On the Quest for the Truth. Back to the Roots" in the gallery "New Place Art Gallery", the Netherlands. The curator of the project is the gallery "New Place Art Gallery". During the five years (2010 - 2015) art lovers had the opportunity to enjoy the permanent exhibition of sculptures by Sergey Khorikov “Marble Metaphysics. A Grape Bone" in the gallery" New Place Art Gallery", the Netherlands and  the personal exhibitions of the sculptor "Back to the Roots", "Ancient Greece", "Delphi", "Apples of Immortality", presented to the public in Russia, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Monaco, the Netherlands, Switzerland.

In 2015-2016 the project "Marble Metaphysics" proceeded in a series of works dedicated to the remarkable artist of the Northern Renaissance Hieronymus Bosch, whose 500th anniversary of the death was celebrated by the world cultural community in 2016. The gallery "New Place Art Gallery", the curator of the international project of the same name, presented a personal exhibition of the sculptor "Hieronymus Bosch. 500 Years Later" at the Art & Antiques Fair'-Hertogenbosch-2015 in the Netherlands, at the Biennale Classic Event-2015 in Belgium, at the Moscow International Festival of art "Traditions and Сontemporaneity" at the Manege in Moscow, Russia, in 2016.